Top 5 Team Building Activities in Perth

Our Team Building Picks

Whether your team is visiting or you are based in Perth, it is time to engage in some incredibly fun, deeply rewarding Team Building Activities in the area. We have compiled a list of our five top picks for Team Building Activities to do in Perth. Some take advantage of the beautiful scenery, others it’s talented bartenders and some are just too good to miss. So have a look and see what team building activity you should get your team involved in.


Sailing and treasure hunt team building activity
Pirates of the swan – sailing and treasure hunt in one activity

Build your teams sailing skills with Pirates of the Swan

Enjoy a day on the swan river for this fun and exciting treasure hunt. Pirates of the Swan is a sailing adventure where teams hunt for clues in a quest to unlock the hidden treasure. Guided by a pirate map, teams need to navigate their way to each location marker on the high seas! Each yacht has an experienced instructor assisting them manage the sailboat in an enjoyable and safe way, the does not mean it is not challenging! Sailing is a complicated, versatile, rewarding activity which leaves participants with a real feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Once the team is on dry land it is a race to find the combination of digits to unlock the treasure chest. Pirates of the swan is a fantastic team building activity, perfect for a fine day on the swan river and a great opportunity to allow colleagues to interact over exciting challenges. Pirates of the swan requires a minimum of two hours and each yacht can hold 11 people.



Guerilla Films creative team building activity
Guerilla Films creative team building activity – Perth Team building ideas

Release your inner director with Guerilla Film

Guerilla film is part race, part breakneck speed filmmaking adventure. Teams are given clues for the locations where each scene must be filmed along with props and story lines they must incorporate into their plot. There are time restrictions for each setting so don’t run around finding the soft lighting; get filming! Guerilla film is a fantastic team building activity, not only do teams have to collaborate, delegate and create within time pressures but you get to keep the final result! The films are shown at the end of a session, the perfect end of day entertainment if you are extending your team building exercise over dinner. Organisational themes can be easily incorporated into the work session and almost any team size can do Guerilla film. The activity takes 2-4 hrs.


Cocktail making team building activity Perth

Try your hand at mixology with cocktail Masterclass – Perth Mobile

Add that special touch to your next team-building event with cocktail masterclass. Learn how to make the perfect cocktail with this incredibly versatile team building activity. Cocktail Masterclass can come to your office, home or specialized venue to present the art of making cocktails. Have a selection of 5 cocktails made for you by some of Perth’s leading mixologists while they share the sordid histories behind some of your favourite drinks. You can even combine your cocktails with some canapés, perfect for pre-dinner drinks or media product launches. Cocktail masterclass require 30 guests minimum and runs for 2 hours.


Charity Team Building Activities Perth
Charity Team Building Activities Perth

Build a hand for amputees with Helping Hands: Charity team building activity

When your team sees a bag of spare parts that they know they have to put together there might be a few groans and murmurs of complaint. But not for long! You will be shown a video explaining that each bag of parts is a prosthetic hand in need of assembling in order to be donated overseas to amputee land-mine victims. Helping hands is such a beautiful team building activity, because not only does each team practice delegation, trust, communication and perseverance but everyone is working towards a meaningful end product. A photo of the team is placed inside the box with the prosthetic hand so the recipient can actually see who assembled their life changing prosthetic limb.


African Drumming-team-building-made-easy
Drumming, Musical Team Building Activities Perth

Feel the rhythm with Clip Clap Interact

Clip Clap Interact is a quick, energizing team building activity where your guests use their bodies and voices as musical instruments. Facilitated by energetic musicians with instruments strapped across their bodies, everyone in your audience will be creating rhythms within minutes. Guaranteed to break the ice of any event, get people laughing and talking to one another. Clip Clap Interact can last 5 minutes or go for half an hour with any audience size.



The Best of Perth There you have it, whether your company is based there or you are just visiting, show off the city to it’s best ability by engaging in some of these fantastic team building activities.


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