Team Building and Experiential Learning

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Integrating important lessons and encapsulating experiences is the process of experiential learning. Successful companies have been incorporating this tactic to build powerful, cohesive teams for decades and continue to innovate the process itself.

TBME director Ross Judd explains “When selecting a Team Building event, your desired outcome should be reinforced throughout the activity. Clients that want more serious learning from their team building often ask us about the relevance of “experiential activities.” They want to know that the activities we provide will satisfy their need for something active but are increasingly concerned about whether they will achieve their learning outcomes.”

Unfortunately, many companies provide team-building experiences that fall short of delivering the central message. In addition, our leading universities provide corporate training in a traditional “lecture” style, using bland powerpoints that attract low involvement levels. It is no surprise that people are wondering where Experiential Learning fits in or whether it is relevant and ‘real.’

The key question any activity seeker should ask is whether the key message resonates through the team building activities.

We know from our experience that well designed, empirically tested experiential activities have a greater chance of creating the learning you seek. With 20 years experience, we are the industry leaders at sourcing effective, outcome-driven experiential learning activities.

Check out our Activate activity for an example of Experiential Learning


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