Film Making – Guerilla Films

Give your team the chance to be as creative, resourceful and imaginative as they can be.


    Guerilla Film is fast, its furious, very cheeky and a chance for your team to tap into their potential to innovate and make things happen! An outdoor team building program with a difference.

    Everything you need to know about the Guerrilla Films team building activity

    Give your team the chance to be as creative, resourceful and imaginative as they can be. It is a team bonding program with a role for everyone. It’s essential that team members are engaged in every step to achieve success as they take a journey into the heart and soul of the guerrilla film process.
    What happens during the Guerrilla team building activity?
    Combining a great mix of creativity and innovation, Guerilla film is part race, part film making and a whole lot of fun. It’s a fantastic twist on your standard treasure hunt program.

    Teams are given a theme at the start of the program that will guide their film. They are also given clues as to where the first scene from their film must be shot. Once arriving at the location, they must shoot the first scene from their film.

    Once completed, they will receive another clue as to where their next location will be and any props and story line that they must collect to include with their next scene. In line with the Guerilla film genre, teams are provided with only basic props that they can use in the production of their film.

    With only limited time and competing against other teams, each scene must be shot quickly. The films are then shown at the end of the session or over dinner for a fantastic evening of entertainment. The imagination is the only limit with this team building program. Any number if themes, ideas and locations can be incorporated to suit any style of event. Where will your teams imagination take it?


    Minimum and Maximum time required: 2 – 4 hrs in length
    Minimum and Maximum group size: Works with various team and group sizes

    Suits all levels of fitness and engaging for everyone
    Latest technology digital, hard drive cameras are used for filming
    Films are put onto a memory stick post session for the client to keep
    Organisational and/or offsite themes are easily worked into the session.

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