Charity Build – Flat Pack Frenzy

Charity Build - Flat Pack is a fun, challenging but very rewarding activity suitable for those that want to give to the community.


    Fit PART A into PART B then connect it to PART C. Sound confusing?

    In this team building program, there will be plenty of fun, hard work and challenges along the way, while teams build their very own flat packs.

    What happens during the Flat Pack Frenzy team building activity?

    Before flat pack construction commences, teams must complete a number of team building activities. These will be either problem solving, interactive or light recreational, depending on your objectives.

    Once a team has successfully completed all activities they can then begin to build their flat packs. Earning the right to build the flat pack is only the beginning, selecting the right item is where everyone becomes unstuck.  Will teams choose the easy option or will they go for the item with the most points and give them every opportunity to win the day.

    Up until this point, participants still believe that this program is purely an exercise in team dynamics, but at the presentation ceremony, a charity group will present the medals to the winning team.

    Each team will then have the opportunity to present their finished items to the charity. It is this dramatic change from a fun team building exercise into a real scenario that gives the program its power. 

    Benefits achieved from completing the Flat Pack Frenzy team building activities:

    • Communication
    • Lateral Thinking
    • Friendly competition
    • Social Interaction
    • Working as a team


    Next Steps

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