Aussie Idol team building activity

Looking for something creative and different that highlights the hidden talents in your team? Here's your chance to uncover the HIDDEN talents that you don’t even know about.


Aussie Idol is a fun-filled, hilarious activity with a twist. Not only do teams have the opportunity to shine in this once in a life time talent quest but using green screen technology they also get a DVD keepsake of their performance plus the whole group is engaged in a live judging process using state of the art wireless buzzers.


Aussie Idol is truly memorable. This unique team building program is guaranteed to be filled with laughs, energy and loads of creativity, it’s a perfect team building activity to make any evening come alive. Are you ready to be the next star? Are you ready to live the dream?


What happens during the Aussie Idol team building activity?

Using our state of the art QuizMania interactive system, Aussie Idol begins with a series of music trivia questions using video and real-time music to get the program started with a buzz. At the end of the multi-media trivia round, the real-time scoreboard will reveal the team scores which will be used in an auction to enable teams to bid on a range of props and resources and most importantly the song they’ll use to create their own music video! Each team will then work together to choreograph their two-minute performance.


Now it’s audition time. One by one each team will step up to the stage, the music begins, the camera rolls and now it’s time for the team to create the performance of their lives. As the team is performing, in real time we are mixing their performance with a backing music track and inserting them into a music video using green screen technology to create a state of the art music DVD video.


Whilst all this is happening the performance is beamed onto a screen for the other teams to watch and judge, just like they do in Australia’s Got Talent and Australian Idol. Judging is done using wireless buzzers. As each team presses their score it is instantly available on the giant scoreboard for everyone to see and cheer. Throughout the program, each team can see where they sit on the leader board and those yet to perform know what’s needed to hit number 1 on the charts.


Benefits achieved from completing the Aussie Idol team building activity

This is an exciting, interactive and enthralling activity full of laughter where teams must work together, step out of their comfort zones and use their creativity to become the next Aussie Idol.


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Activity Details
  • Indoor
  • 1 hours
  • $$
  • Daytime + Nighttime
Number of People
  • 0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 100+
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