Amazing Race – Within Sydney

Amazing Race styled events will see your team embark on a hilarious adventure around the Sydney CBD.


    Amazing Race -Within Sydney  team building activity

    Bond with your team by adventuring around Sydney in an "Amazing Race" style activity! The Amazing Race is an exciting 2.5 - 3 hr interactive team-building activity through the CBD. Speed is not the deciding factor making it suitable for your entire team – not just the competitive ones! We push your boundaries in a good way exposing the different personalities in the team and above all we make it fun!

    What happens during the Amazing Race - Within Sydney team building activity

    The event begins with an exciting introduction where you meet your gregarious hosts, all of who are professional actors and find out how it works. We also give a brief introduction to personality profiling.


    This is accomplished with humour and is a great way of encouraging participants to identify each teammate's strengths and weaknesses and how important their role is within the larger team – from here it’s ‘GameOn’!


    Teams will navigate their way to checkpoint challenges around the city. Your colleagues will be pitted against each other with Road-Blocks, Fast Forwards, Yields and Detours to contend with. Sabotage, skill, planning and a little lady luck all come into play as teams search for clues and accumulate time deductions in order to finish the challenges in a competitive time.


    Each leg includes multiple bonus challenges meaning that being the first team home won’t necessarily secure your team ultimate glory; this is anyone’s game! At our final venue, a designated bar, we conduct our closing ceremony where we introduce a surprising twist throwing the whole game up before finally awarding the victors with their prizes and most importantly, their bragging rights!


    Outcomes achieved from completing this team building activity

    • Strategy
    • Problem Solving
    • Time Management, Organisation
    • Team Work
    • Change Management
    • Team Bonding


    Minimum and Maximum time required: 1.5 - 4 hours (tailored to client needs)

    Minimum and Maximum group size: 10 - 200 people

    Ideal Group Size: N/A this event is tailored to the group size

    Recommended Team Sizes: Ideal team number of people in each team is 4-7.

    Best Suited To: This event is designed to appeal to all personalities, physical abilities and competitive levels. We will design this event specific to your team’s personality by lengthening or shortening, making it more or less competitive, including/excluding gregarious challenges or focusing on mental/cerebral challenges. Every team will love this event as it’s made for you.

    Venue Restrictions or requirements: We’ll discuss a suitable start and finish location to fit your needs and budget.


    Next Steps

    If you are not sure what you are after or short on time just contact us and we will assist you.


    So don't waste your valuable time searching through hundreds of online team building activities yourself, when we can do all the research and provide quotes for you? You will not pay any more to book your activity through Team Building Made Easy, our service to you is totally FREE.


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