You need to organise a Team Building Activity in Perth.

What do you do now?

If you have been tasked with organising a team activity you may wonder where to start as there as so many options and so many companies that run team building activities in Perth. It is therefore easy to get overwhelmed. You want to make sure that you pick the right activity for your team and their goals and objectives.

Firstly you also need to consider all team members when selecting an activity. For instance – do you have some colleagues that are less mobile than others? Do you have a team of mostly men/women? Are your team introverts or extroverts?

However, people do not want to participate in an activity where they are made to feel silly in front of their work colleagues. Above all, they want to have fun, get to know people better and have something to talk about when they return to work. In addition you want people to say “I had a great time – that was the best team building activity ever, I can’t wait for the next one.”

So how can you make sure you achieve this? As a result of the many years of experience we have a process that we believe will set you on the right path. Therefore keep reading to further understand the best approach for selecting the right activity for team building Perth.

Why is it important to choose the right activity?

What is the purpose of Team Bonding - Team Building Perth?

Team Building activities are generally run for many different reasons, however the end result is often the same. For instance getting to know your colleagues better, how they work and how you work with them. As a result this can have a huge impact on working effectively and cohesively when you are all back in the office. This then leads to increased productivity and also overall work satisfaction.

We are often asked:

How can I convince my Boss that we need a team building activity? 

What should I say when they ask me what are the benefits of Team Building activities Perth?

Fun Team building activities Perth for instance provide opportunities for learning in a fun, stress-free environment. However team building is not just for the individuals who are part of the team, but for the business as a whole. Colleagues are better able to understand each others strengths and weaknesses. In addition key learning objectives that are focussed on during the team building activity can then be transferred to roles and tasks back at work.  A blog by Sodexo reinforces the benefits of Team Building in their article on Rewards, recognition and the benefits of team building activities. 

They discuss that businesses are moving away from competitive environments to collaborative and co-operation, and as part of this change more companies are undertaking regular team building activities.

Similarly during Team Building Activities many people step out of their comfort zones and take on roles, such as leadership, that they do not do in their normal work environment. As a result this can be an eye opener for Managers to see people in a different light. Furthermore this can sometimes be  good or bad. For instance you may find that a quiet worker really has a lot to contribute – or you may find that a leader takes total control and does not listen to anyone in their team, either way as a result you will learn a lot about your people.

To summarise effective team building means more engaged employees which in turn creates a better culture and ultimately increases productivity. Further information as to what is the purpose of Team Building can be found in an blog by MindTools – Making Team Building an Everyday Priority.

In conclusion the most important step when organising a corporate team building activity is to be clear what objectives you want to achieve from your event. Therefore even fun team building activities Perth should include key learning objectives.

Some examples of key learning areas that team building activities Perth can focus on include:

Team Building Activities

Time Management


Most Team Building Activities will put people under time pressure and therefore force them to prioritise tasks. This in turn teaches people to prioritise how to get more done in less time. Further it also teaches skills such as goal setting and other key time management techniques.

Team Building Activities



Effective communication is critical. Therefore every team building activity will either succeed or fail based on the quality of communication between team members. As a result it is important that they give great feedback on how effectively your team communicate, listen, and work together. 

Team Building Activities



Most team building activities are like a mini project and will require people to delegate clear roles and priorities. However they can provide great feedback on the leadership and management of key individuals in your team. 

Team Building Activities



When you are choosing a team building activity you can choose an option where everyone is working together in a collaborative, instead of competitive, environment. This in turn will give you great insight into the levels of cooperation in your team. 

Team Building Activities



There are a lot of team building activities that require creativity and innovation to figure out the solution and be successful. They can therefore give great insight into the more creative members of your team are and how they contribute to great outcomes. 

Team Building Activities



Team Building Activities create great opportunities for leadership to emerge which can furthermore give you great insight into the natural leaders in your team and how they influence other team members.

Team Building Perth

Some harmless competition, for instance, can be great in your team building activity. Having a desire to be the best could be good for your business – however you also want to make sure that collaboration and team work are also key goals.

Huff Post writes on 5 Steps to Building an Effective Team. Stating that Team Building is one of the most important responsibilities a manager has.

As a result of selecting the right activity with these objectives in mind you will provide realistic experiences that can therefore empower your team to contribute to common goals.

How can I make sure my Team Building activities are successful?

If you are organising Team Building Activities in Perth CBD or surrounding areas you want to make sure that they are successful.

There are 4 areas that you need to address when organising an event. 

Request Information

Firstly gather all the information you need about the event before you start doing any research. This is a very important step in the planning process and will therefore save you a lot of time if you complete this step before moving on.

  •  What is the reason or purpose  – why is this event taking place. Generally understanding this is the key to choosing the right team building activity. This should therefore also include the outcomes and expectations
  • Budget – knowing this ahead of time will subsequently greatly reduce you wasting time in getting quotes for team activities in Perth that you have no hope of getting approved
  • In addition group size, location, date and time are also very important information to know in advance in order to get accurate quotes for team building Perth

Research - Ideas to think about as you do your research

Secondly start to do some research and gather ideas

  • Venues – they can consume a big chunk of your budget and thus make a huge difference to your event, so it is important to get it right
  • Team Building Activities. There are so many team building options in particular available in Perth. As a result our aim is to help you find the right team activity to meet your budget, objectives and any other criteria you have. In addition you can choose from Team Building Activities or Team Bonding Perth

Checklist - prompts and ideas as you do your planning

Thirdly make sure you gather all your information and ideas and keep on top of them so organising the event does not get to stressful for you.

  • Try to have a key decision maker on your committee – it will in turn save a lot of time
  • Likewise keep a checklist or Work in progress to make sure all tasks are being completed
  • In addition promotion of the event is very important to the team building activities success. Preparing your audience can make a huge difference to the success or failure of the event – however leave a little mystery – as people love mystery.

Follow up - things to remember as your event is wrapped up

Lastly gather feedback. This can be fantastic guidance for next time

  • In particular what worked well and what didn’t work well
  • Was everyone able to join in the activity or did people feel left out
  • Was the venue appropriate
  • Did you feel as though it was value for money
  • Together with what would you do differently next time

Planning you event will ensure success. You may also find this article by Plan Your Meetings @ Meeting Professionals International helpful.

We have a free guide that will help you plan your conference or event, it can even be used in your staff meetings. In addition we also have one that focuses just on Christmas parties and end of year events. Feel free to download them – we are sure you will find them helpful.

Still not Sure what you want?

Here are our Top 15 Team Building Activities Perth

We have put together some information on team building activities in particular our most popular activities. We have many other options to suit all your objectives. Therefore whether you are looking for fun team building activities in Perth, indoor or outdoor team building activities in and around Perth or team bonding Perth we have you covered. 

Further more you can find a huge range of activities on our website that can be run in Perth and throughout WA.  In addition to make it easier for you, we have organised them in categories. This is just a small selection of our Team Building Activities – check out our website for more options.

Charity bike build team building Activity Perth

We have a large range of Socially Responsible Corporate, Charity Team Building activities available to be run in Perth and surrounding areas. These activities will be an unforgettable experience for your team and therefore also the recipients. In addition it is a great way to provide a lasting legacy from your team activity and give back to the local community. Some of our options include:

As a result of the popularity of Charity activities, we have developed a great free resource to get the most from your Charity Team Building Activity – 8 Ways to Maximise your Charity Team Building Activity.

This guide will help you when you are planning your charity event in particular.

Charity Build - Flat Pack Frenzy Charity Team building Perth

Flat Packs

for Families in Need

Fit PART A into PART B then connect it to PART C. Sound confusing?

In this team building program, there will be plenty of fun, hard work and challenges along the way, while teams build their very own flat packs.

Charity Flat packs is one of our most popular charity events and can be facilitated indoors or outdoors. Furthermore your team will work on their teamwork, problem solving and communication whilst also having lots of fun

What happens in this activity

Before flat pack construction commences, teams must complete a number of team building activities. These will be either problem solving, interactive or light recreational, depending on your objectives.

Once a team has successfully completed all activities they can then begin to build their flat packs. Earning the right to build the flat pack is only the beginning, selecting the right item is where everyone becomes unstuck.  Will teams choose the easy option or will they go for the item with the most points and give them every opportunity to win the day.

Up until this point, participants still believe that this program is purely an exercise in team dynamics. However at the presentation ceremony teams will present their finished items to the charity. It is this dramatic change from a fun team building exercise into a real scenario that gives the program its power. 

Number of people: 10 – 100+

Duration: 2-2.5 hrs


Charity team building Activity Perth - robot wars

Robot Wars

Charity Team building

Imagine building your very own Robot, coding it’s movements and then directing your Robot through an obstacle course. Better yet, imagine racing other teams Robots while you are at it.

Teams will first be faced with the task of building their Robots and this will be a challenge in itself. Once the Robot’s are complete, teams will work their way through a series of activities which will allow them to collect items. The items will use to build the obstacle course that the Robots will soon face.

What happens in this activity

With courses complete, the only challenge remaining is to code the Robots movements in order for them to navigate their way through the course and across the finish line.

This activity requires a variety of skills from start to finish and each team member will be able to play their part.

The amazing final twist of this program is that once the activity is finished, your group will be donating all of your Robots to a pre-determined local school. Thus allowing students the opportunity to use the Robots you very generously donated to assist them in their coding studies.

Number of people: 10 – 100+

Duration: 2-3 hrs


Art Raw Canvas Creative Team Building Perth Creative Team Building activities are a great choice if you are wanting to tap into, unleash or expand the way your team thinks and approaches their work in particular. Creativity can inspire people and therefore increase productivity and team bonding. Tapping into the left side of your brain in a creative team event, can result in giving opportunities to try new ideas, and new ways of thinking, approaching issues and problem solving. In addition they are also great activities to reduce stress and are very inclusive. They do not require you to have any musical or artistic ability to participate in these great team activities Perth

Our range of creative activities includes:

Music video - creative team building Perth

Music Video

Creative Team Building

This Music Video Team Building event will test your musical repertoire, push your creative boundaries and unleash the superstar within.

What happens in this activity

The program begins with a series of music trivia activities testing even the most accomplished music buff. Teams will then face-off testing their musical knowledge across different genres ranging from Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Pop, Soul and Jazz. Each activity will see teams vying for points that will later prove invaluable.

As we move to an all-important auction phase, your performance in music trivia will either reward you with your choice of equipment or leave you playing catch up. Teams will have the opportunity to use their points to bid on a range of props and resources, and most importantly, the song teams will create their own music video to.

It’s then time for teams to unleash the super star within. Armed with your song and bonus items (Props) you have been able to acquire, teams will be given an iPad, editing software and a license to thrill. You will be challenged to shoot your music video using a number of different back drops that will take your video to the next level. Once all the scenes have been taken, teams will come together for the all-important editing phase. It’s at this point that teams bring their footage & song together for the ultimate music video. As the judges prepare their feedback and mark their scores, all that remains is to crown your ‘TV Music Awards’ champion.

Duration: 3-4 hrs


Art Raw Canvas Creative Team Building Perth

Art - Raw Canvas

creative Team building

This painting team activity will bring out your inner artistic side and tap into your team’s creativity. The program can be as structured or as customised as you like.

After the initial briefing you will be put into teams.

What happens in this activity

Generally there are 3 ways that you can run your Raw Canvas Designs, however it can be further customised if you prefer.

Firstly you can allow each team the flexibility to come up with their own design and theme on the day and then create it on canvas.

Secondly, you can provide teams with guidelines and a specific theme that they all need to follow. They then need to create their masterpiece around those ideas.

Lastly, as a whole group you can come up with a design either prior to the program or in the planning stages and then that large design gets sketched across all teams canvasses and from there each team takes their canvas away to paint their portion of the overall artwork.

Above all the overall goal is for all teams to join their canvases together to create one collaborative masterpiece that will showcase the team’s vision.

Number of people: 10 – 100+

Duration: 2-3 hrs


Mastership Problem Solving Team Building Activity Perth 

Problem solving skills make a huge difference to your career and are highly sort after by employees as companies rely on employees to identify and solve problem. Ultimately understanding what the underlying issues are, is the first step in solving a problem.

In other words choosing Team Activities Perth that have a problem solving component is a great way to enhance your teams skills in a fun and stress free environment. Similarly they are also great to get to know your team better and observe strengths and weaknesses.

They also have the added benefits of improving communication, and encouraging cooperation and group interaction, as well as getter to know each other better.

We have a great selection of both indoor and outdoor team building activities in Perth that focus on Problem Solving.

Options include:

Bridging the gap - Problem solving team building Perth

Bridging the gap

indoor Problem Solving

In this challenge each team will need to construct a bridge using carefully selected building materials such as Pop Sticks, Straws, Paper etc. that will “bridge a gap” and allow the team remote control car to travel from one side of the room to the other on the new Super Highway.

What happens in this activity

Teams will need to adhere to design & construction specifications but ultimately all teams will need to come together as one in order for them to succeed in their task of building the new super highway and getting the car from one side of the room to the other.

Bridging the Gap can be referenced and themed towards many different scenarios within the corporate world. This bridge represents a metaphor that we all play an important role in the success of the operation.

When there are gaps within the organisation, its a lot harder to achieve our goals. We need to trust that the bridge is accountable and can support us in getting us to our end destination. One of the biggest roadblocks companies can face is change. Company structures, staffing, procedures and policies change at a rapid rate and some of us take longer than others to embrace or adapt to change.

Bridging the Gap can represent the movement towards the other side and the welcoming of a new start. This program requires the team to make this change all together as one united team.

Number of people: 20 – 100+

Duration: 2-3 hrs


The ransom - outdoor problem solving team building activity Perth

The Ransom

outdoor problem solving

An unidentified group have kidnapped your CEO overnight and have left a ransom note. “We have your CEO and you have 3 hours to rescue him/her or pay the ransom. They are locked away at a secret destination and we have left clues around the city that will lead you to them. If you can find them, you must also know the code to unlock them. You must work quickly in your teams to complete this task. If you fail, the ransom of $1,000,000 must be paid.”

What happens in this activity

This exciting event will see your teams follow a GPS based Smartphone application, which will lead you to various locations around the city and provide you with clues to the where about of the CEO and also the combination to the lock that will release them. The Ransom is a great experience that will keep them guessing until the final moment

Activities include:

  • Code Numbers: A head for numbers and logic will definitely help you here.
  • Handcuffs: Teams will need to work together to find a way to free themselves from this sticky situation.
  • Cryptic Code: This word puzzle requires teams to unscramble a series of words within a word sleuth. 
  • Secret Message: Have you ever tried to transmit a message without using your voice or writing it down? 

Number of people: 20 – 100+

Duration: 3 hrs


small team sitting around a table discussion ideas at the resilience matters workshop learning and development team building activity Perth 

Successful teamwork is essential to creating an amazing work environment. But how do you create a great team? You have to build it and maintain an environment of trust and support.

Team Building activities that have a specific focus on learning and development are essential in establishing good team habits, therefore dissuading negativity and refining the common goals of a team.

As a rule creating and maintaining a healthy workplace culture is an ongoing process but one that will make your company far more successful and enjoyable for every person working there.

Above all doing it properly can save you money. As a result you can spend less, get better ROI, and have your people out of the office for less time.

In summary the focus of these activities is team building as opposed to team bonding.

There are a range of workshops as well as Experiential activities. In addition most of the Learning and Development options are tailored to meet your exact objectives. They can also be customised to run from a couple of hours or expanded over 1-2 days.

Some of our options in this category include:

Create Culture workshops Perth

Create Culture

Learning & Development

 Do you arrive to work with a smile on your face and genuinely enjoy the company of your colleagues? Is there a clear purpose for the business and for your team members? If you answered yes to these questions then you probably work in a healthy workplace culture.

Did you know that everyone, yes everyone, wants to be part of a great company culture? A positive, strong, supportive culture can make a remarkable difference to productivity and performance. As a result communication, collaboration, support, and teamwork are all far more effective in a positive culture therefore making everything easier.

The “Create Culture Workshop” clearly outlines the steps you need to follow to create a great workplace culture. Each step is explained through interactive exercises that give participants the chance to learn the steps and work on their own workplace culture at the same time.

What happens in this workshop

Through this workshop you will learn why workplace culture is so important and the consequences of ignoring it. You’ll get a simple definition of company culture that makes it easy to understand. You will also get the most practical guidance on how to create something extraordinary at your workplace through a step by step process that you will start applying immediately. Throughout the workshop you will also have the opportunity to work on your own workplace culture while learning the simple “create culture” methodology.

Number of people: 6 – 100+

Duration: 1.5-8 hrs


Personality That Clicks workshop group discussion learning and development team building activity perth

Personalities that click

Learning & Development

 In this workshop you will develop an understanding of how people prefer to work and how to work with them more effectively.

How many times have you seen a “clash of personalities?” What affect did it have on performance and productivity? There are some people you get along with immediately and others you find frustrating and annoying, right? However a clash of personalities can lead to serious consequences.

What happens in this workshop

This workshop focuses on understanding the differences in our personalities.

Thereby recognising patterns helps us understand what makes people “tick” and what we need to do to work together more effectively. As a result you will develop an understanding of how other people prefer to work and how to work with them more effectively. These concepts are presented through four unique and colourful characters that people are able to understand and relate to.

This is an an interactive and action packed workshop. You will assess your own personality to better understand behavioural preferences and how to work more effectively with the others

As a result of the workshop people can apply what they have learned and you will see improvements in communication and understanding. This can ultimately lead to increased productivity as people work together more effectively.

Number of people: 12 – 100+

Duration: 1.5 – 4 hrs


Cooking Team Building activity Perth

 Cooking is a great team building activity. It’s fun, challenging and much more enjoyable when shared with others. It’s also a chance to discover your inner Jamie Oliver or Kylie Kwong. However the best part about cooking is knowing that you’ve created something special using simple ingredients. And for your team, it’s great knowing that you worked together to create something spectacular and memorable.

Furthermore some of the objectives they meet are: Time management, creativity and problem solving. Cooking together draws on a sense of team spirt whilst being a fun event. As a result you can also learn about other people’s skills and enjoy some great food and drink at the end of the activity as you sit around enjoying each other’s company. This activity ticks all the right boxes for fun team building activities Perth

Options include:

Cooking Team Building Perth


Team Building Perth

A perfect cooking team building activity that romanticises food and ensures that the fresh products Perth is famous for is used in your team building activity.

We specialise in private team building cooking events for groups of 12-30 people. (Larger size events may also be arranged in an alternative venue). We can tailor an Event to suit your requirements. You can choose from a variety of cuisines and we will work with you to find the perfect dishes for your Event.

What happens in this activity

Each event runs for approximately 3 hours comprised of the hands-on cooking session (including a bit of cleaning up) followed by a wonderful, substantial lunch or dinner in our bistro-style dining area. Depending on the class and the dishes you cook, this usually includes a range of 5 to 6 dishes all cooked by you, the class participants.

Suitable menu options for groups are:

  • Tapas and Paella
  • Moroccan Feast
  • Rustic Italian with pasta-making

If these menus don’t suit we can work with you to find something that will.

We can also cater for specific dietary requirements provided we have sufficient notice.

We can also offer you the option of a “Master Class” style demonstration event. This would mean that we do all the cooking, and you get to enjoy some quizzes, games, tastings and of course a wonderful meal cooked by our Chefs.

Number of people 10 – 40

Duration: 3 hours


Cooking cake off team building perth

Cake off

Cooking Team Building

Design, plan, and decorate their own Cakes to determine who will be the Amazing Cake Off Champion

This outrageous team building program allows your team to let the creative juices flow as they design and create the best cake possible. Armed with all the equipment necessary, teams must work together, communicate and delegate as they plan, build and shape their vision into reality.

What happens in this activity

Teams will begin by sketching a diagram of their masterpiece.

Next comes the building phase as they cut, stack, shape and align the base ingredients to resemble the outline they all imagined.

Finally, teams will require skill, craftsmanship, patience and most of all teamwork as they apply the covering layers and decoration that will really bring this vision to life.

At the end of the day it is the judge’s decision as to which team is crowned the “Amazing Cake Off Champions”…

This is an indoor program and as such it is your responsibility to secure a venue. The program does not require full kitchen facilities, however access to a sink would be advantageous. Venue hire charges (if applicable) are in addition to the program price.

Number of people 10 -100+

Duration: 3 hrs


Murder Mystery - Whodunit Evening team building activity Perth 

 Most evening team building activities can also be run in the day time. They are usually indoor and more in the style of a fun team building activities Perth and are a great way to unify your team. This category of activities are mostly social, fun team bonding style events. Above all they are a great way to finish the day of a conference, fantastic ideas for Christmas parties or end of year events, or if you are looking for a relaxed activity that is fun and improves team morale.

Our range of Team Bonding Perth activities includes:

Our two most popular activities in this category are:

Trivia Team building Perth

Trivia Challenge

Trivia Activity

Come on Down…. You are the next contestant on Trivia Challenge!
This program will test your knowledge, skill and overall teamwork through a series of all time favourite game shows and trivia team challenges. There is something for everyone in the ultimate trivia challenge and teams will need to come together and draw on each others strengths as they aim to score as many points as possible across all rounds.

What happens in this activity

You will be presented with a number of all time favourite game shows / trivia rounds and depending on the length of your program.

Your aim is to earn as many points as possible across all rounds

The team that manages to have the highest points tally by the end of the night will win.
This program has something for everyone and all participants will no doubt be given their opportunity to shine.

Example of some activities included within the Trivia Challenge team building activity

  • ULTIMATE TRIVIA:Which team has the greatest knowledge of all things “trivia”? General Knowledge, Sport, Music, you name it and we are likely to have a question about it. The question is, will you have the answers?
  • FAMILY FEUD: With real questions from the actual show, pick the top survey answers and you are well on the way to winning.
  • SORT IT: When faced with a series of cards, each containing a piece of information, could you rely on your memory to place them in the correct order based on when they happened?

Number of people: 10-100

Duration: 1-3 hrs


Casino Games - Oceans 11 game evening team building Perth

Casino - Oceans 11

Evening Team Building

The glitz, glamour and big bucks of the hit movie provide the backdrop to this team building activity. In the Oceans 11 casino, you’ll see a different side to the personalities of your colleagues! This program is fun and interactive, with the casino providing an opportunity to strategise, negotiate and take risks. After enjoying a range of exciting casino games, each team will take their “wad” of Corporate dollars and prepare to battle it out in the auction to end all auctions.

What happens in this activity

Teams will earn  Event dollars during some fun team building activities to start with and then hit the Ocean’s 11 casinos and attempt to increase their wealth. The more money earned during the day’s team event, the greater chance they have of taking the top prize at the end of the program.

A fantastic social event, Ocean’s 11 can be delivered over drinks and dinner, as a stand-alone evening event and for either teams or individuals to compete against each other.

This program has been designed to combine your team building objectives with some very serious fun. The glitz, glamour and big bucks of the movie ‘Ocean’s 11’ provide the backdrop to a team building experience that will expose more about the personalities of your colleagues than you previously knew.

Number of people: 20- 100+

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hrs


It is undeniable that technology has also caused physical activity to be pushed aside. Spending 8-9 hours per day sitting at a desk can therefore make us feel tired and can cause us to be bored and restless. We need to be innovative and add some excitement to boost our energy at work. This can be accomplished through outdoor team building activities Perth

All our activities are tailored for corporate groups – knowing that everyone’s fitness levels are different. As a result most activities include a number of problem solving aspects as well – so all people can be included in the activity.

Organising outdoor team building activities Perth have many benefits. These include:

Physical – encouraging physical exercise is good to improve your whole well-being. When at work we usually sit to long and then sit again when travelling home. Therefore, being active can increase your energy levels and brain health and memory.

Behaviour – There are many options that require you to work in a team to achieve a common goal. If your goal is to increase collaboration and communication in the workplace then these activities may suit you

Personal development – Spending time exploring the outdoors allows a person to be released from the stresses and demands of work. Therefore by engaging in outdoor team building activities Perth , we can return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


Suddenly thought and actions are one. Stand on a Segway PT (Personal Transporter) and it remains stationary and upright, balancing you appropriately.

What happens in this activity

Seglympics is designed as a team building activity to give everyone the opportunity to participate. The competition can be as keen or relaxed as you choose. Participants take part in activities such as a variety of relay races, obstacle courses and more, all on a Segway PT in a safe and controlled environment.

As the activities progress, so does the level of skill required to complete the tasks, and teamwork is essential to win challenges and gain points.

You will be given group safety training and then individually instructed on how to ride a Segway

All events use a Segway as a relay race vehicle through a course of agility poles, with different challenges as we progress.

You start with very basic straight and then slalom races to get people used to and confident on a Segway.

The games then progress through to activities such as egg and spoon, safety gear challenge, Segwaiter wine challenge, and then a version of connect 4.

For each challenge, points will be allocated to the winning team. Remember, the better your team works as one, the better the chance of winning. Speed will not necessarily win the event as accuracy is vital and will impact on your overall score. A staff member will demonstrate each race before beginning.

Number of people 10-60

Duration: 2-3hrs


Adventure Quest merges team building and technology into a fun outdoor “Adventure” that will leave participants laughing and reminiscing for weeks to come.

Using a new interactive app that operates on GPS technology and image recognition functionality. Teams will need to unlock a variety of challenges on their journey. This program is a combination of a scavenger hunt and an amazing race. The excitement starts all with the click of a button.

What happens in this activity

Teams will be on the edge of their seat as they answer questions, complete videos and photo tasks. It also includes problem solving activities and random on the spot challenges all in the quest to earn as many points as possible. This unique team event is designed to test teamwork. There is also an opportunity to personalise challenges by adding bespoke content or questions even company branding, enabling you to reinforce company values or conference messages.

The CBD is the perfect location for the Adventure Quest to run, however, we can customise something easily around your conference venue. This program also offers both facilitated and self-managed options. So depending on your budget and preferred involvement, we can find a program to suit you.

So are you ready to get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in a quest to become champions?

Number of people 10-100+

Duration 1-3 Hrs


Faced with a variety of physical and mental challenges, the tribes must compete against each other to earn immunity idols. These Idols are like gold and can be the difference between winning and losing. After all, challenges have been completed and idols earned, teams will head into a trivia-based tribal council where not only will they need to pull together as one, but they will also need to use their immunity idols carefully and strategically in order to survive.

What happens in this activity

Teamwork, trust and communication are key as relationships are formed in this fun, outdoor team building event where there really is something for everyone.

Suggested activities:

Accuracy Sling: Armed with slingshots, team will need to accurately aim and shoot tennis balls into buckets being held by their team mates. Good aim and team work will win out here.

Tent Build: Each team will be provided with a small tent that they need to erect. After a review of the instructions they will need to hand back their instructions and then as a team, remember the steps to put it together.

River IQ: In this activity, teams are given a set of character cards and they need to get all the characters across a hypothetical river following the rules to the letter. (please note this activity is acted out on land they will not be actually crossing the river itself).

Number of people: 20-100+

Duration: 2-3hrs



Now you have decided on which activity you want to run and whether you want the team building activities in Perth CBD or surrounding areas. Most of our activities are mobile and as a result can come to your office or conference venue. If you are wanting stand alone team building activities in Perth CBD then we can also suggest venues such as conference venues, hotels, parks, beaches, sport centers etc. Some of our activities are also run at purpose built venues – such as cooking.

Furthermore Perth has wonderful parks and beaches that can also be used for outdoor team building in Perth. Most of these require council approval and councils also charge a fee to use the area. Let us know where you want to hold your event and we can let you know if it will be suitable and if it has council approval. We can also suggest locations that events have been run in the past.

Conference venues and hotels also have function rooms that can be used for indoor team building activities, for a meeting prior to your event or an end location where you can have drinks and nibbles after your event.

We cater for groups small and large, in any location throughout Western Australia The main locations being:

Perth CBD


There are a number of venues that we partner with. They are listed on our website, as well as a range of activities that can be run at them. These are great options if you also want to include a meeting or conference and catering options. We are also happy to come to a venue of your choice as long as the area is suitable and the venue gives approval.



Sometimes it is hard to choose an activity just by looking at some pictures and a description. Therefore we have put together a playlist of some of the team building activities in Perth in action to give you a better idea – and so you can see how much fun they are. 

You can also go to our Youtube channel for more ideas and to see other activities in action. We are adding new videos all the time, so if there is something you are interested in and we don’t have a video for it just ask us.

Furthermore events can also be customised to suit your objectives and themes. Let us know what you would like and we can organise customised quotes for you


Final steps to ensure you have amazing Team Building Activities in Perth

I hope you have found a lot of helpful information as to how to choose and organise your team building activity Perth

We are here to make your life easier and also save you time. We do not run any activities and so can therefore offer you unbiased independent advice as to which activity and provider will best suit your team, objectives and budget.

Our aim therefore is to provide you with information and quotes so that your team can experience amazing team bonding Perth activities. We can help you organise your team building activities program and guide you if you are unsure as to what to do or what you want.

No matter what you are looking for we have options to suit you. Whether you are looking for a reward for your staff, need to work on communication, just want a fun team building activity in Perth we have it all, and if we don’t have it we will find it for you. So contact us today and lets create an awesome event for your team.

You’ll be amazed how easy Team Building Perth is.

Team Building Activities are an integral component of building and developing your team. But how can you make sure you choose the right activity to suit your team’s needs? We have written an in-depth article – Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities for just that purpose. By the end of it you will be an expert and know all the advantages, disadvantages, common mistakes and what to do in order to organise an amazing Team Building Activity. We will share resources and our extensive knowledge and experience in organising corporate team building activities

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