The Team building experience

How to Maximise the value

Generating value for your team through memorable experience is an intricate and highly complex process. You need to balance expectations of personal utility with the promotion of messaging aligned with your organisations goals. Team building activities, if effective, are entertaining, fulfilling, thought provoking and challenging. Team Building Made Easy director Ross Judd explains his process for creating valuable experiences.

“Firstly, Match the activity with your objectives. Choose the activity that best matches your objectives and you are far more likely to create a fantastic experience.

Secondly, communicate the objective. Make sure you communicate your objective as clearly and as early as possible. If we are there to ‘network’, or ‘try something new’, then communicate that to people. This is particularly important if you have an objective that is learning oriented.

Lastly, match the activity to your group. Think about your group and how the activity is suited to them. Don’t match an adventurous activity with a fairly sedentary group, or networking based activities with a group that know each other really well, etc. It simply won’t be effective.”

If you are a team leader and want to make the most out of an experience, check out’s extensive list of unique team building activities, tailored to best achieving your organisations goals. Or alternatively, have a consultation with us and we can work to develop a valuable program for your employees.


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