5 Benefits of Organising Team Building Activities

Team building activities are more than just programs to help teammates get to know each other. They provide opportunities for learning in a fun, stress-free environment. Team building is not just for the individuals who are part of the team, but for the whole business as well.

Here are a few reasons why organising team building activities is a good investment:


1. Team building activities can break the ice.

Team building is a way for team members, new or seasoned, to spend some time to get to know one another outside the office. While your co-workers technically spend the majority of the time in the office with each other, they’re often preoccupied with work to truly get to know one another. Team building activities help create an approachable atmosphere where colleagues can connect or reconnect with one another.

2. They can boost morale.

Employee morale is a very important aspect to any business. It helps with employee motivation and their relationship with coworkers and the company itself. Even those with low motivation also seek engagement with the company, in one way or another. Team building build that engagement that staff are looking for in a very fun and positive environment.

3. They develop Team Roles

Everyone has their own “roles” that their personalities are best suited to. In any office setting, this is usually based on their job title. During team building activities, this goes one step further. You’ll learn more about which team member is naturally better at focusing at the objective or delegating a task or seeking faster routes to reach a goal. This also helps develop teamwork.

4. Team building fosters better communication

A lot of problems can arise from miscommunication or, worse, lack of it. Fun problem-solving team building programs help break down barriers between colleagues. Each team member practices improved communication during these challenges and it’s a way for them to see how open communication can benefit everyone.

5. Goal oriented activities can help give a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence.

Each employee would like to feel that they’ve accomplished something. Team building activities help with that, by giving them a problem and letting them figure out how to get to the result or end goal. Whether it’s a competition style or not, or winning that competition or not, each team member will feel accomplished knowing they’ve completed something. This, in turn, helps boost their confidence and will help in them feeling more productive when they go back to work.


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