Top 5 Unique Ideas for Team bonding at end-of-year parties

Looking for a great team building activity to organize as you see out the work year with your staff? Go above and beyond with your company’s Christmas party or end of year company day.

Whether you’re looking to build team morale, plan a brain-buster to get your workmates thinking or host a fun company day out, here are our prime picks for end of year parties:

A day at the races

Spring Racing Carnival has already kicked into gear across the country, so why not host your own ‘day at the races’ with all of your colleagues?

With real horses, callers and jockeys battling it out on the big screen, this team building activity is about as close to being on the front line of the races as it gets.

Bring your team together and put your heads together for a race to end all races – and learn key communication skills, risk taking, negotiation tactics and strategy development along the way.

Team jeopardy

Loosely based on the famous game show, see whose team makes the most money at the end of the day with 5 different categories designed to test teams across a multitude of areas and disciplines.

One card is selected and teams have the option to decide whether to attempt the challenge, meaning there are two roads to success – tackling many small jobs or chipping away at a longer challenge worth more prize money. This might sound familiar for corporate project teams and agencies.

Make your own cocktail classes

If there’s one time to indulge in cocktails, it’s the lead up to new years. What better way to get your mixology skills up-to-scratch than taking part in a group cocktail making class?

Participants will make their own cocktail at 1-5 stations in a focused 1-2hr session, making it the perfect group activity for a large corporate event, hen’s parties and more.

Murder Mystery

Teach your team the art of deduction and have some fun while you’re doing it! With 19 different themes available, collect clues, throw out red herrings or become the prime suspect in your very own murder mystery whodunit.

This unique team building game throws out all the rules. Expect to see quiet achievers take on leading roles and break down barriers between work teams in a creative and quirky way.

Compete in Beach Olympics

Get out of the office and take advantage of the stellar summer weather with an afternoon of Beach Olympics. This activity can be hosted at the beach or your local park, making it a great excuse to compete locally or take a trip out to your nearest beach.

This high-energy activity is great for team building as teams compete in a series of games in a round-robin format leading to one team’s glory at an awards ceremony.

For more workplace party ideas, take a look at our Work Christmas party ideas and be inspired for your next out-of-office corporate event.

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