Virtual Reality Experience

Escape into the virtual reality experience with this brand new Team Building Activity.


    Be transported into outer space to save Earth from the dark portal or cyber detectives battling a serial killer’s mind to save a kidnapped child. Escape into the virtual reality experience now.

    Everything you need to know about Virtual Reality Experience team building activity

    If you love escape games or ever wanted to immerse yourself in amazing virtual worlds challenging yourself and your workmates to perform amazing feats...get ready for super teamwork, quick thinking and lightning reflexes to complete your mission in 60 minutes.

    • Unique, fun and immersive adventures
    • See, hear and interact with each other in amazing new worlds
    • Work together to find clues and solve puzzles
    • Fly through outer space, master telekinesis and other special abilities

    What happens during Virtual Reality Experience team building activity

    Choose from two adventures:

    • Cosmos: The fate of our galaxy is in your hands. Fly through outer space, use your special abilities, quick thinking and teamwork to save Earth in 60 minutes
    • Mind Horror: As a team of Cyber Detectives, you have 60 minutes to face your fears and outwit a criminal’s mind to save a child.

    What your team will need to do:

    1. Prepare for the adventure and briefed for your virtual reality mission
    2. Put on virtual reality headsets and be transported into amazing new worlds to see, hear and interact with each other to complete your chosen mission
    3. Afterwards, enjoy complimentary refreshments and take photos against the interactive 3D photo walls as a memento of your adventure

    Teams are required to work together to complete their chosen mission which requires

    • Finding clues and using observation skills
    • Solving puzzles, lateral thinking and problem solving to find solutions to the challenges
    • Communicating with each other through headsets


    Minimum and Maximum Time Required
    Minimum: 1 hour
    Maximum: 1 hour 15 minutes

    Minimum and Maximum Group Size
    Minimum: 2 people
    Maximum: 36 people

    Ideal group size – ie the size of group this is ideally suited to
    Up to 6 people in the same room and adventure.

    Team Sizes (if they are broken into teams)
    Teams of 6 people

    Next Steps

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