The Fugitive

A fugitive is on the run selling your company's secrets. Teams must work together to track down the fugitive and bring him back to police custody.


    Surveillance suggests the Fugitive will be making a deal in the CBD today concerning your company's top secrets. Can you find him and stop him before it's too late?

    Everything you need to know about The Fugitive team building activity

    The Fugitive team building activity allows teams to explore the CBD whilst working together and sharing information.

    This activity can be tailored for all fitness levels, encouraging all participants to be involved.

    What happens during The Fugitive team building activity?

    Teams will be established and each team will be given information and clues to help them track down the Fugitive. This includes a mystery DVD that contains important information. Teams will need to be strategic about when and where they watch this DVD as it is crucial to finding the Fugitive.

    Throughout the event, teams will complete other challenges that will reveal further clues. Teams will need to communicate and work together to complete all the challenges.

    In order to be successful, teams must use their evidence to find the Fugitive in the busy CBD and use a secret phrase to identify them before bringing them into police custody.


    Minimum to Maximum number of people: 5-100people
    Ideal time size: 4-8 people per team
    Duration: 2-3 hours

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