Amazing Race – Melbourne City Challenge

Compete in an amazing race style activity around Melbourne, can be held in one location or around the CBD


    Everything you need to know about the Melbourne City Challenge team building activity

    This event can be tailored to suit any group with any level of physical activity.

    The City Challenge allows for a competition between groups in team based challenges designed to promote communication and team work.

    What happens during the Melbourne City Challenge team building activity?

    Participants are divided into teams and faced with a series of activities designed to test their strength as a team.

    Whether you want the event to focus on leadership, problem solving or just all out fun, this event can be tailored to ensure each of the team objectives are met.

    The event can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and will include a number of activities that can be held either in one location, such as a garden or park, or across your city. This can reduce the level of physical activity required by participants if held in one location, or can allow teams to explore the city as they complete the challenges of the Melbourne City Challenge activity.


    Minimum to Maximum number of people: 5-100

    Ideal Time Size: 5-8 people per team

    Duration: 1-4 hours

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