Cooking – Charity Food Rescue

It’s a fun and exciting cooking competition for a noble cause.


    Everything you need to know about Cooking - Charity Food Rescue team building activity

    You’re given only 2 hours to cook your best dish using the ingredients found in your mystery box. Are you up for the challenge?

    Charity Food Rescue aims to save 540,000 kg of fresh food destined for the landfill each year. The dishes cooked for the competition will be given to several local charities. It’s a fun and exciting cooking competition for a noble cause.

    What happens during the Cooking - Charity Food Rescue team building activity?

    Once teams arrive, there will be a housekeeping and safety briefing first. Each team is presented your own mystery box that contains fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll also be given protein, dairy and all dry store ingredients that you can use for your recipes. Teams are to make as much food as you can. Once the given 2 hours is up, each team is judged throughout. Afterwards, you get to sit down, eat and drink (BYO). Once done, the rest of the food is packed into takeaway containers. These will be given to one of the 80 charities around Perth.

    There’s also an option of a Pie Making Charity Food Rescue Challenge where the ingredients in the mystery box will be used to cook up fillings for your chosen pie.

    Outcomes achieved from completing Cooking - Charity Food Rescue team building activity

    Teams are encouraged to work together in a team, appoint their own head chef and, of course, have loads of fun while cooking together.

    You’re free to google recipes and ask the chefs for advice. It’s perfect opportunity to bond and have fun while making great food.


    Minimum and Maximum time required: 4 hours
    Minimum and Maximum group size: 10-100 participants

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