Team building activities in Brisbane – our top picks!

If you’re seeking some of the best team building activities in Brisbane for you and your team, you’re in luck! Queensland’s capital boasts an array of fun and constructive activities to stimulate the mind, create fun and laughter, and bring you and your team together.

Here’s our top five picks of what you and your colleagues could be getting up to…


Armed with a sense of adventure? Then make sure you bring it along with you for this swash-buckling sailing activity!

Partnered with an experienced and certified crew to guide you, you and your team will be given rotating shifts sailing the vessel around the Bay Islands. Sound idyllic? It sure is! Suited for people of all levels of fitness, this activity will truly leave you and your colleagues with something to remember.

Action Adventure Scramble

This points-based activity is bound to bring out the competitive side of you and your team members! Provided with money, maps a digital camera, and a booklet containing a list of items , teams are let loose to chase down the activity stations and gather as many points as possible. Action Adventure Scramble is a concoction of trivia, local history, and cryptic clues, fun is bountiful on this activity.

Tools for Schools

This activity gives you the chance to support your local community and create vital tools that will benefit school students.

The aim of the game is to compete to win as many school supplies which will then be donated to the school. Tools for Schools will test your general knowledge around school related subjects such as History, Maths and Geography. With each activity you and your team win, you will collate points, which transfers into more material for schools.

Amazing Cake Off

Because who doesn’t love cake? Free your creativity with this fun and engaging cake building exercise! In teams, you’ll be provided with all the relevant materials to build and decorate a tasty piece of art from a cake base. This will test your team work, imagination and patience, as well as generating fun, laughter, and originality!

Circus Skills

Learn the skills of trapeze artists with this unique and fun-filled Circus Skills activity! From juggling to acrobatics, the activities mirror the incentives to be flexible and a strong communicator. Participants from all diversities are catered for, with each and every activity being tailored specifically to you.

Wait, there’s more! To discover Brisbane’s entire range of team building activities, why not get in touch today? With an abundance of fun and unique activities to choose from nationwide, we provide you with a wide selection to browse through and book, right at your fingertips.

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