Put your feet up! Here’s 5 of the most relaxing team building activities

Taking a time-out is not something we should ever made to feel guilty about, in fact, having time spent relaxing and unwinding is majorly beneficial to productivity and our energy levels in the long run. Work place stress can creep up on the best of us, sometimes without us even realising, which why relaxing team building activities can be hugely beneficial to both you and your team.

We have put together five of the most relaxing team building activities for you and your team to chill-out, have fun, and clear the mind.

Wine and cheese tasting

There’s no other relationship quite like the one wine has with cheese. The two go together hand-in-hand, and are meant to be together, let’s admit it. So what better way to unwind and chill out than appreciating the solid, tasty friendship that cheese and wine has formed? This wine and cheese tasting activity can even be tailored to suit your individual tastes and event.

Work-place massage

We bring the therapist, to you! No oils and no change of clothing, meaning going back to work is hassle free!

The work place massage works by the therapist coming to your work place with a specialised chair, and can be organised as a monthly incentive or a one off treat to reward staff. A work place massage can break up the working day, helping you and your team return to work afterwards feeling rejuvenated and clear-headed. Massages are also perfect for those achy muscles caused from sitting in front of a computer, and actually counter-act the imbalance caused from sitting.

Raw Canvas designs

Art is a great way to relax and step outside of the usual day-to-day work based activities. Raw Canvas design’s premise is to bring colleagues together, to create an overall canvas masterpiece. Release those creative juices and free your mind from work related issues, by spending a few hours socialising amongst your team, whilst creating something memorable to take back to the work-place.

Tantalising Tuscany

The Italian cuisine is a definite favourite, and this cooking activity will teach you the secrets of some of the finest Mediterranean gastronomy. Tantalising Tuscany will provide you and your team members the perfect environment to relax, socialise, and have fun. Being taught by the charismatic and fun Italian chefs, you and your team will have a fun-filled and chilled-out day, learning the art of pizza spinning whilst gaining the knowledge behind preparing the perfect Italian dish (there’s definitely time for taste-testing, too!).


The perfect stress-busting activity! From solving those posture problems to de-cluttering a frazzled mind-set, yoga is the ultimate relaxing team building activity. Yoga can help increase productivity by clearing the mind and releasing tension, an expert facilitator will handle all the preparations and planning, so all you and your team members need to bring is an open mind and positive attitude!

Looking for more constructive and fun team building activities? Then you’re in the right place! Contact us today and let one of our helpful team members find you and your team the perfect activity in Australia.


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