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Work Christmas Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again, the days are longer, the sun is stronger, the holidays are approaching and your team have been working hard, so it’s time to celebrate them with a Christmas team-building event!

At team building made easy we have the widest range of team building activities nation wide, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect festive fun for your team. To help you out, we’ve made a list of our best Christmas team building events. We have games to spice up your Christmas party, activities designed to embrace the summer sun and mouth-watering food and drink events to really spoil your team this Christmas!

Let us take the hassle out of planning this event, we can organise your team building activity totally FREE!

Kick Start your next Christmas party with these team building options

Don’t want to get stuck next to your boring colleague in a sit-down dinner snoozefest? Or stuck cooped up in the office eating egg salad in the conference room on a bright sunny day? Well don’t! We have activities designed to get you up, moving, enjoying the beautiful weather and cooking/eating the finest food.

Christmas Party Team Building Games - Trivia, Mysteries, Game and Casino Nights

Casino team building activity.

If you are after a stress-free fun activity for your team that will really spice up the annual Christmas Party, then look no further than our list of Christmas party games. Warning: This is a boredom free zone!

  1. Minute To Win It - Based on the popular TV Show, this fast-paced fun game actually involves a lot of valuable team building elements, but its so much fun that your team won’t even realise how much they are communicating, collaborating, delegating and working towards a common goal!
  2. Team Jeopardy – Does your team’s trivia knowledge stretch across the Jeopardy board? Find out in this fun, competitive team game.

  3. Murder Mystery - A fun team building activity where you become participants in a case of unusual murder and mayhem. Part Cluedo, part ‘Thank God You’re Here’ Murder Mystery is a highly interactive whodunit, that will have the whole team playing detective, suspect and murderer!

  4. Casino Night - Play Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Horse Racing, Poker and Race of the Aces and enjoy the atmosphere of competitive hysteria. Perfect to couple with drinks and canapés.

Embrace the Australian Summer with Outdoor Christmas activities

Mini olympics on the beach team building activity.

Because we are lucky enough to live in the country of surfing Santa’s and we ought to celebrate it! With hundreds of fantastic outdoor team building activities that will get the whole team feeling energised and jolly! We can even organise your activity to end with a lunch at a restaurant, pub or bar or we can organise catering for you!

  1. Sailing - available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - Soak up the sun out on the harbour with your work colleagues and enjoy the beauty of your city. A great way to celebrate the end of the year!

  2. Beach Olympians - End your yearly celebrations with a fun, day at the beach, sprinkled with a little friendly competition! Suitable for all fitness types and brilliant way to bring the whole staff together, Beach Olympians can also be held in a Park

  3. Amazing Race - We have a huge range of Amazing Races to suit all locations and budgets!

  4. Survivor - Outwit, outplay and outlast all others in this great outdoor Team Building Activity

Finish the year off by cooking, celebrating and eating together

Pizza Making team building activity in Australia.

Why not try a cooking activity for your work Christmas Party? Have fun as a team preparing a delicious lunch or dinner to be enjoyed by

everyone! Incredible chefs facilitate all cooking events - ingredients are supplied.

  1. BBQ Masterchef - Who is the most nifty with a pair of tongs? Find out in BBQ Masterchef, and enjoy your culinary delights

  2. Pizza Making – Compete for the title of “the biggest tosser” after canapés, drinks and mingling. A fun and delicious team building activity.

  3. Masterchef – Feel all the frenzy and excitement of the real Masterchef. Teams not only have to cook 5-8 dishes but serve them to judges in true silver service style.

  4. The Amazing Cake Off – For the sweet tooth's out there, sketch, construct and bake your cake masterpiece! 

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