6 Team Building Events To Spice Up a Conference Dinner

Conferences can be draining, putting on the professional façade for several days amongst your work colleagues can leave even the most enthusiastic employee just wanting to order room service and watch a movie for dinner. However ending a day of a conference with a spectacular team dinner can enliven your group and place the events of the day in perspective. Team building dinner events solidify the bonds you have made throughout the day and reinforce the message of trust and communication. We have handpicked the six absolute best team-building events to combine with your group dinner for a cracking night of fun and bonding.



1. Take a gamble with a team building Casino Night

Bring the Casino to you with this thrilling Casino Extravaganza. The Casino night is split into two parts, the games component held during the dinner, where teams answer questions to get the most points (chips) leading you into the second part of the evening: the Casino! Play Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Horse Racing, Poker and Race of the Aces and enjoy the atmosphere of competitive hysteria. Casino night can be held in any indoor locations and suits groups between 30 and 500 participants.




2. Get Trivial with an evening team building event

Trivia Challenge is the perfect between course entertainment. Your team gets to choose which old school trivia activity they want to compete in. You can choose between Ultimate Trivia, Family Feud, Blankety Blanks and Heads and Tails, or combine a few throughout the course of your meal. The aim is of course to earn as many points as possible and beat the competition in a battle of general knowledge. Trivia Challenge is very flexible in terms of numbers and location.




3. Hats on for a team building Night at the races

Are you feeling lucky? A Night at the Races requires you to dress up, get down and start punting! A perfect spring dinner activity to get your team excited for the racing season. The races will be projected on the big screen of your dinner party location and each delegate will receive play money and a form guide. You can decide whether your team bets individually or makes group decisions about the horses or dogs. A night at the races is a hoot! Everyone madly cheering on their horse, checking out the trackside style and competing in team challenges throughout the night. Awards will be given to the best-dressed and best punter! Group size ranges from 20-500 and can be conducted in any indoor location.



4. Indulge your team in Murder Myster – A Dinner to Die For

The year is 1928 and you are attending Lord Daventry’s party bash where it is rumoured he will announce his engagement to Miss Fanny, however, murder is in the air and you as detective must discover the culprit. Murder mystery is a hilarious romp, and a wonderful team building dinner event. Everyone in your group is allocated a character and encouraged to dress, behave and mingle in that character over dinner. Packed with double entendre, intrigue, subplots and twists and turns it is interactive entertainment at it’s best and you can be guaranteed you won’t want to go home at the end of the night. The show runs for 2- 3 hours and is suitable for 10-60 guests. This team building dinner event is all about having fun and breaking down the barriers between colleagues.



5. Release your inner Spielberg with Film Making – Short Film Festival

Take your team building activity from day to night with Film Making. Your team will be equipped with video cameras, audio equipment and a specific theme and one day to pull it all together. You will be assisted by professionals on how best to convey your story and produce a film trailer to rival the big Hollywood blockbusters! The great part about this team-building event is that your creations will be screened over dinner with praise and criticism being delivered by film critics. Filmmaking is more challenging than it appears but can be extraordinarily rewarding if you work well with your production group. Positivity, communication and a cheery attitude will ensure that this team-building event strengthens your team immeasurably.



6. Make and enjoy your own dinner with Cooking – Two Hour Tapas – Sydney

Tapas are fantastic pre-dinner treats, and with this team building event, groups move to different cooking stations to make and enjoy delicious tapas! Your group will be settled with drinks while the Head Chef briefs you on how the event works keeping the company objectives in mind. Smaller teams move around to different cooking stations learning how to make the tapas. The best part is you get to eat your creations!



So there you have it, the best 6 Dinner time Team Building events that ensure for a fun, frivolous and bonding experience for your group. It is so important to reward and entertain your team during conferences, after all they are giving up their most precious resource – time- to improve your company. So don’t make it a chore, make it a reward!

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